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Best Mouthguards for Sleep Apnea and Snoring


Research has indicated that in the United States, roughly one-third of adults snore, with some experiencing sleep apnea. To reduce the intensity of these conditions, people find relief in the use of mouthguards. Mouthguards are designed to reduce snoring by pushing the jaw forward and or to maintain the tongue in its proper position. There are different types of mouthguards in the market, and it is important to get the right one, depending on how comfortable they feel and the users’ needs. 

The two categories in the market are the Tongue Retaining Devices (TRDs) and the Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs). Some people may discover that a particular style fits them better than others, and it is based on this fact that a buying guide is needed; to find the appropriate one for you.

In as much as a majority of people might not believe it, the truth is that snoring is usually a sign of suffering from sleep apnea. Even though it might be mild in nature, it would still be categorized as sleep apnea. Whether mild or a strong case of sleep apnea, it is advisable to find a solution sooner rather than later. But, there is something that can be done to help out with such a situation. One of these ways would involve acquiring a suitable piece of anti-snoring mouthguard from the wide range of brands available in the market.

Mouthguards play a very significant role in aiding an individual’s airways stay open throughout their sleep time. As such, it enables those who previously suffer difficulty sleeping at night to now sleep. Thus, it might be a daunting task to choose the right kind of mouthguard; more so, if you do not know what to look for in the first place. Fortunately, the information provided in this article would go a long way in helping you select a mouth guard that would be best for you. Take your time in making sure that you choose a product that would best meet your individual needs. Highlighted below are some brands that you could choose from when shopping for mouthguards:

Sleep Tight

@Mouthguard_Sleep-TightOne thing that makes the sleep tight option one of the best is that it was designed, and tested by qualified academic researchers and doctors. With the accreditation and validation, it means that it significantly helps you sleep better. Moreover, countless consumers who may have tried out this product give it thumbs up! It is not only effective but also convenient. It helps to ensure that you get quality sleep all night long.

Easy Fit

This particular product is very easy to use. It is comfortable to wear, and it only takes five minutes tops to adjust the device to meet your needs. You would easily get a comfortable fitting as long as you buy yourself what meets your needs best.

Large Breather Hole

Not only is this product FDA approved, but it is also fitted with the largest breather hole. The breather hole helps to improve the level of comfort, making it much easier for anyone with sleep apnea to enjoy a long-lasting sleep.

Cost and Value

Based on its considerate price, this high-quality piece of mouth guard is what anyone would need to enjoy a peaceful night. It is quite breathable and has been tested and approved as a sure way to reduce the dire consequences of sleep apnea. Its ease of use has made it one of the best brands to many people who prefer it to several other brands found on the market today.


  • Designed with a soft and very comfortable material
  • A quality product designed by qualified academics and doctors
  • It is easy to adjust and refit


  • It takes time to custom fit which is about five minutes


@Mouthguard_ZQuietThis product can be adjusted at different levels depending on your personal requirements. When set to level one, your jaws would be advanced slightly forward, and when the gadget is set to level two, your jaws would even be pushed further ahead. Thus, if one level of this gadget does not work for you, you can adjust it based on your desired position.

Soft Hinges

The best thing about ZQuiet is that it has been designed with soft hinges that make it much more comfortable to use. The soft hinges also make it easier for the mouth guard to adjust well based on your sleep patterns.

Two Adjustable Levels

The adjustable levels help in ensuring that you are able to set the mouthguard to a standard that would best suit you. Thus, every person would be able to find what meets their needs best.

Cost and Value

At whatever price you would get this gadget; it would be worth buying for many reasons. It is designed to meet the needs of most consumers conveniently and effectively. The product is comfortable to use and, it can be adjusted for a better fit and increased comfort.


  • Comfortable
  • It can be easily adjusted at two levels, that is level one and two
  • It has no molding, boiling or fitting
  • Ready to use once unwrapped from its packaging


  • Not as customizable as other brands that are currently being sold on the market today



Mouthguard_J_SJ&S is a one of a kind one piece of mouthguard that is currently being sold on the market. It is designed to fit perfectly in the mouth so that your sleep would not be interrupted for any reason whatsoever.

Best Fit

This product fits perfectly for the best treatment outcome. When fitted, the user would cease to experience any form of discomfort and would keep being more satisfied with it the more it’s used. It has a unique and admirable size that further makes it one of the most preferred mouthguard’s brands, coupled with the satisfactory level of comfort it offers.

Easy to Use

There is nothing complicated about this product when you use it, unlike other brands that have a complex mechanism. Anyone who has not used mouthguards before would easily know how to use it. Also, no strain in fitting and removing it after and during use.

Cost and Value

Even though this product may be slightly overpriced, once you buy it, you would notice its advantages. It would also enable other people around you in the room to enjoy their sleep with reduced snoring. Buy this product to reduce sleep apnea and boost your sleep patterns.


  • You would be able to make more than one mouth guard using a single piece of mold
  • The item fits perfectly in the mouth, as such, it would not move around as you sleep, thus enhancing the comfort of use.
  • It is acquired with three mouth trays
  • Adjustment options are numerous to choose from
  • Making the mold is easy and fast. It would take you roughly 5 minutes to get things done.


  • Some consumers complain of it developing cracks within a few weeks of use



@Mouthguard_SOVASOVA is simple in design but a product that would be up to the task for any type of consumer who would need something functional for the right price. It works perfectly without any extra installations or adjustments for that matter.

Ready to Use

This gadget can be used immediately after it is unwrapped from its package or after you acquire it from the stores. There is nothing complex about getting the product ready for use now that it comes with a simple design that is easy to fit.

Diffusix Technology

This product relies on diffusix technology that makes it much more valuable compared to the other brands. The technology is what makes Sova eight times stronger than most mouthguards out on the market.

Cost and Value

Regardless of the price at which you would acquire this item, most consumers can attest to the truth that it is worth every penny. It is durable in design, and it has been constructed with a breathing hole that would not trap saliva. As such, you are assured of a comfortable night sleep throughout the night. If you desire quality, then this is the type of mouthguard that you need to buy.


  • Its breathing hole does not trap saliva
  • It is very comfortable
  • Light in weight
  • Its translucent construction makes it easily concealable
  • Improved sleep to provide convenience in your daily routine.


  • It is meant only for the upper jaw, something that may pose a challenge to certain consumers. It would take some time to get used to this particular type of mouthguard



@Mouthguard_SnoreRXSnoreRX is manufactured in Southern California. It has been tested and approved as an effective gadget that would ease sleep problems for any consumer. Furthermore, it works in a more or less similar fashion as any good quality piece of mouthguard that you would find being sold on the market.

Gentle on the Jaw

SnoreRX would be gentle on your jaw by pulling the lower jaw forward in a way that would help open up the airways.


One important feature that makes this brand unique is that it can be fully adjusted with increments of 1mm every time.

Cost and Value

If you are the type of consumer who wishes to do away with snoring and enjoy a peaceful night sleep, then this is the type of gadget you need to buy. It is designed in such a way that once it’s inserted in your mouth; it would put an end to any snoring episodes that you might experience in life. The adjustable nature of this item is another important feature that makes it worth buying. The 1mm increments make this particular type of product the most adjustable mouthguard you could ever shop for from the market.


  • It is designed with an inbuilt calibrator for the best outcome during use
  • The product is FDA approved
  • It is adjustable with options of 1mm increments


  • It is quite big in size, thus not a suitable choice for consumers with small mouths


Good Morning

@Mouthguard_Good-MorningGood Morning has been tested and approved by several reputable establishments such as Canadian health authorities and FDA from the United States. Majority of consumers have acknowledged the functional nature of Good Morning with its positive reviews.

Tongue Restraining

Good Morning is constructed in such a way that it would keep your tongue from blocking the airway, thus making it easier for the consumer to breath when sleeping. With this product, snoring would no longer be a predicament for anyone. You would be able to sleep soundly around other people. Moreover, the product is manufactured by a Canadian company that has developed a good reputation over the past years for producing the best quality products so far. So, if you buy Good Morning, you would be buying yourself a product that is of exceptional quality.

Silicon Construction

This brand has a silicon construction that would easily draw the tongue forward so that it does not obstruct the airway. This is so that you would be able to breathe okay when you sleep, hence preventing any consumer from snoring when sleeping.

Cost and Value

Despite it being sold at a slightly increased price compared to various brands that are found on the market, Good Morning would offer the kind of quality any consumer would long for. This product does not need any special fitting for it to serve its purpose of ensuring that you spend your nights without experiencing any form of distress. It is durable and easy to use.


  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Silicone construction opens the airway for improved breathing during sleep. The tongue is drawn forward to prevent it from blocking the airway.
  • It has been tested and approved by both the Canadian Health Authorities as well as the FDA.


  • The only disadvantage of having this product is that you would be forced to breathe only through your nose, something that may result in a sore tongue and drooling in some cases.


Sleep Silent

Sleep Silent is amongst the new arrivals when we talk about good quality mouth guard designs. Its BPA free polymers construction makes this brand safe to use by the consumers. Its medical grade construction is one thing that has left the majority of consumers longing for more and more of the item for their daily usage. Sleep Silent offers consumers the level of satisfaction they would yearn for in these types of products.

Boil and Bite Technique

The boil and bite method employed when using this mouthguard makes it easy for any consumer to get a custom fit in the mouth. Still, when necessary, you can adjust this mouth guard with increments of 1mm each.

Front Hole

This particular mouthguard has been constructed with a hole at the front end that makes it easy for consumers to breathe. So, the comfort of use is assured for any consumer.

Cost and Value

At its affordable pricing, this piece of gadget is what any considerable consumer with a tight budget would need. It is easy to breathe in, and it fits perfectly in the mouth, thus guaranteeing great sleep for anyone.


  • Affordable unlike most mouthguard brands
  • Custom fit through boil and bite technique
  • It has been designed with BPA free polymers with the continued good health of the consumers.


  • Its lifespan is between 7-9 months



@Mouthguard_AirSnoreAirSnore is a pocket-friendly brand that would leave any consumer smiling all the way to the shopping center. Even with it being affordable, there are numerous advantages of buying the AirSnore when compared to other brands.

Comfortable Fit

AirSnore has been constructed in a manner that would provide you with a comfortable fit. You would stay comfortable all through your sleep duration. If you need comfort and a product that is available at a considerate price, then AirSnore is the option to go for.

Front Hole

The front hole on this mouthguard makes it easy for you to breathe with the mouthguard on, more so in cases where you may experience nasal congestion.

Cost and Value

Compared to the countless options that you would come across on the market, AirSnore can be regarded as less expensive and a suitable choice. It has been constructed with a thermoplastic that is of exceptional quality to guarantee consumers the best quality. If you do not wish to be duped into buying a substandard mouthguard, then this is the brand to purchase.


  • Affordable
  • Designed with exceptional quality thermal plastic material
  • Custom Fit


  • Not adjustable

Criteria for Selecting the Best Mouthguards

Just like any other product you would wish to shop for from the market, getting a suitable mouthguard would need a strategy and adequate knowledge about the product in question. As a consumer, you would need to know what to look for in a product to arrive at the best quality. It is also important to understand some of the features that make certain types of mouth guards to be more preferred than others. With the knowledge of the product that you plan to buy, it would be easier to make a suitable selection from the variety of options that you would find on the market today.

The list that has been provided above offers a sneak peek into some of the best quality mouthguards that you could choose from when you need one. If you desire a brand that is best for you, then you need to shop for one that is effective, one that comes highly recommended by professionals or individuals who may have used them for the better part of their lives. Also, it should be sold at a reasonable price, especially if you are working with a tight budget. The best quality designs would be easy to customize if need be and most of all, get brands that are ready for use. Highlighted below are a few selection criteria that you could adopt in making your pick for the best quality designed mouth guard.


When looking for a mouth guard, it is important that you consider having the right size to be comfortable. There are brands that have the one size fits all, which might not be good for you if you have a large or very small jaw. These brands have built their products in a way that they have an estimate of the size of the jaw, and they claim that they please a large customer-base with a universal fit. However, it is advisable to get to brands that state the size of their mouth guards. You have to choose the size of mouthguards. If you do not know the right size that would fit your needs, go for a universal fit. That way, you will never go wrong in your product selection.

You can consider buying those mouth guards that have the boil and bite technology. The concept behind these brands is that you can fit them at home after boiling. Each model has instructions explaining how they will be used when at home. For instance, some boil and bite models require that you warm the snoring mouth guards with hot water until it becomes waxy. Then you will proceed with biting the splint while in the mouth and waiting for a few minutes until it hardens. The splint while in your mouth hardens according to the impression of your teeth, and then it fits your jaw. After finding the right fit in your mouth, you use cold water to rinse it so that it becomes ready to use.

However, this process has its downsides in that it can be repeated several times thus wasting your time. If the mouth guard is not able to fit, a dentist can help you carry out the process. The benefits of having this boil and bite technology mouthguards are that they are more comfortable than the non-fitted brands. Change of teeth position may be due to removing teeth or old age. In such a case, ensures that the mouth guard can be fitted again, and you can acquire them if you need the convenience, which comes with them. There is also technology that ensures your splints are custom made. These are dental splints; you will not be able to fit them since your dentist will do this.

You will have to visit your dentist to have your teeth arrangement. The dentist will then create a dental plaster splint made, for them to be very precise, and they will be comfortable when you wear them. The shape of the dental splints will match even the minor particularities of the jaw position. If the teeth position changes, you will have to contact your dentist so that you get another dental impression. This is one demerit of using dental splints. You will need to get the best fitting mouthguards if you have to get the best. First, carry out your research on the size of the mouthguards in relation to your tongue or jaw, and then buy that.


@Mouthguard_a_3D_printed_mouthpiece_printed_from_titaniumThough the purpose of a mouth guard is the same, their functioning differs. The functioning of the mouth guard is important since you will need the jaw or the tongue. You cannot use the same guard for different functions. However, if you need a device that will prevent your tongue from falling back to the throat, you will need mandibular advancement devices, as they apply this principle. Furthermore, you might need mandibular devices that work with either pull or pressure. If you choose mandibular devices with a pull effect, your device will have elastic strips or plastic spacers as they keep the mandible under light tension, and allow for flexibility of jaws.

Choosing these pull-effect mandibles ensures the jaws are in light tension, and you do not strain your jaws. The flexibility of the pull effect is to ensure that your jaw gets to move and that they do not stay at the same place, as you will get tired. Those devices that use this particular concept are comfortable when you have them on because of their flexibility, and if you work with pressure, it is important for you to get these.

If you need the device that works using pressure, the mandibular advancement is fixed, and you as the wearer will not move the lower jaw. The concept of this mandibular advancement device which uses pressure in its functioning is that when you push the mandible forward, the tongue becomes tense. Also, they will use bi-bloc splints and monobloc splints and pressure to move forward. If you need your jaws to be flexible, it is important that you consider devices which use pull effect in its functioning. Consequently, if you consider pressure devices, then you will have chosen your mandible not to move. The disadvantage of having this mandible advancement, which uses pressure effect, is that you will be fatigued after a long sleep because they put pressure and tension to your jaws, and will not move with ease. Therefore, it depends on how comfortable these devices will be.

If you need a device to hold your tongue, it is important to consider a tongue-retaining device, which ensures that the tongue does not fall back and block the airway when you sleep. The tongue holding requires one to close their mouth, and the device holds their tongue to ensure that it doesn’t fall back into snoring position.  The functioning of tongue retaining devices though different from mandible advancement ones, achieve the same purpose of ensuring that the airway is open and the apnea and snoring will not occur.

The benefits of a functioning tongue retaining device is that the jaws will move, but the tongue will remain in the right place. However, sometimes your doctors might tell you to get a mandibular advancement device. This is to indicate that the tongue is not the cause of the snoring, and in as much as you like tongue-retaining devices, they will not get to solve the problem you have. The functioning criterion is that you will have to get a device that satisfies your need, and at the same time gives you comfort when you are asleep.

Certification and Ratings

Getting the product that is certified by government agencies ensures that you get a safe product for your health. When looking for a mouthguard, it is important to look for Food Drug Agency (FDA) for certification that the product is the one, and has been approved as safe. Approval by FDA is based on class and how safe it is to put it in your mouth. For you to know if your mouthguard is safe and approved by FDA, you need to be very keen as some companies go against the law and label their guards as approved, when in reality they are not.

The FDA has a database where all listed mouth guards are registered, and if you need clarity on the model and brand you are using, go to the database and search. In your search, begin by typing the brand name and if there are no results, it is advised that you use the manufacturer’s name. If you do not find all those in the database, you can call the company and ask them of their registration number. If they do not have the registration number, it is advised that you avoid that brand because it is not approved, and may cause you problems in the future.

There are also rating boards, which rate products, and it is advisable that you look on the product ratings. Ratings show the positive and the negatives of the product, and you can see the different experiences the customers had with the product. The safety of the product is important, and it is vital to consider that when using the product to avoid getting one that will have adverse effects. The ratings and approvals though important, it is safer to read the guidelines of the devices before using it. Though it is a simple product, how well you use it will determine its efficacy.

Sometimes, it is important to consult a doctor before going to buy one so that they can advise you on the most suitable one for you. Furthermore, your doctors will advise on the conditions that you have and might determine the efficiency of the mouthguard or suitability of having one. For instance, if you have loose teeth or gums that bleed, seek your dentist advice because you might even not need to wear them. Wearing mouthguards when you have problems of loose teeth will have you view the product as inefficient or even bad quality when the real issue may be your teeth.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Hygiene of the mouth guard is an important aspect to consider as you put in your mouth; if you are not careful, you will end up having an illness. The design of the mouth guard affects how you clean it, and its retention of germs. Look for designs that do not take a lot of time to clean, and when stored, will have a covering to avoid picking germs in their storage. Your mouth guard will have a longer life if you know how to maintain it, and you should note that not every device is cleaned the same way.

When you are purchasing, it is advised that you look at the instructions on how to use the device, and guidelines on its cleaning. For instance, some brands will require you to use a toothbrush and use toothpaste on them. Others will not need to be brushed but require that they are washed with hot water.

If you have a lot of free time, you can get those that can be soaked in the solution for dental devices, such as mouth guards and toothbrushes. They are left for some specified time to ensure that the germs are killed and that they are safe to put on. Sometimes, you might find that the cleaning processes of some devices take a lot of time, and you should be keen on this information when shopping. You do not want to put on a mouth guard when you have not cleaned them, as this will reduce their lifespan and cause you problems when you want to wear them. Thus, having an easy to maintain device will ensure that you can clean it for your own body’s health, and its longevity


You need mouth guards that will last for long and give you value for its money. The life span of the device will depend on some factors, such as usage, cleaning, fit and function. Take for instance the boil and bite mouth guards. They use thermoformable materials but have a limited lifespan. The material the device is made of affects its longevity and the manufacturer. Some mouth guard devices have their longevity indicated on the packaging, and you can choose the one that will last long. However, longevity can also be determined by the price of the device.

How often you use the product will also determine its shelf life, and it is an important factor to consider. If you require a device that you will be using on a daily basis, it is important you consider the most durable because it will last longer. Customers’ reviews on the sites of the most brands will also give you a hint of how long you expect their product to last since they give feedback based on their experiences.

If you grind your teeth, you need to have a strong device that can withstand those effects. Grinding of teeth during sleep causes moves to the devices which may be holding your tongue or even jaw. This movement affects the position of the device, and the span of the device will be greatly reduced. The solutions and the way you clean your device will also affect its lifespan. Therefore, you need to consider how often you are required to go about it. Some brands will need immersion in the solution, and this may wear them out in a short time. When shopping, it is important to look at getting a device that will last longer and serve your needs.

Construction or Design

The design of the mouth guard will affect how comfortable and effective you will feel on them. There are monobloc design and bi-bloc design. Consider monobloc devices if you need the jaws fixed, and they cannot move. They are designed with one piece, and thus they hold upper and lower jaw together. This design is simple, and the devices are easy and to use and wear, and it is advisable to use this if you are trying them for the first time. The simple design also goes with cheaper price, and most people prefer it. However, the negative side of purchasing monobloc design is that they are fixed, and fix the jaws at one point. Avoid it if you need the movement of the jaw because, in the end, you will have jaw complaints caused by the monobloc design of the mouth guard.

The other design you can consider is the bi-bloc design, which consists of two parts where the design is enhanced by elastic bands, and the design allows for the flexibility of the mandible. They are designed with space between the top and the bottom part, and they have calibrations on the extent of mandibular advancement. With the calibrations, you can find and maintain jaw alignment that gives you relief and comfort when asleep. Additionally, this design will allow for lateral movement, which indicates that you can comfortably move your jaw – this will leave you relaxed after sleep.

Though it may be initially hard to get used to bi-bloc designs, the manufacturers and the designers advised that the feeling of discomfort would vanish in 3 to 4 weeks, since your jaws would have adapted. The construction design of the device determines its fit and comfort. For beginners, it is advisable to use the monobloc design and then proceed to use the bi-bloc design. However, both construction designs have their merits and demerits, and it is important to know them before you get your mouth guard.

Adjustment Capabilities

The adjustment capabilities of a device determine the comfortability when wearing them. You need to research on the different brands and know how they change their settings. This criterion is important when purchasing mandibular advancement devices. It is important to look into the product descriptions in order to know the adjustment work. You can choose those that you can adjust if after using a particular model, you had problems with a stiff neck and a sore jaw. This is caused by those brands designed to ensure that your jaws do not move in your sleep. Consider those that you can adjust to bring about the flexibility of the jaw.

In turn, it would ensure that you are comfortable and you enjoy your sleep. However, there is a need to look at how the adjustment can go. There are some with adjustment capabilities, which do not advance the jaw in the right way and leave you with snores. It is important to ensure that you advance them to the point where there are no snores. Avoid devices with adjustment capabilities that do not solve the problem, because you will have wasted your money.


Budget considerations are important when buying. You do not want to get a product that is unreasonably priced. If your budget is limited, there are many low budget devices. And you should research and get those because they will also solve the problem. The boil and bite models are cheaper, and they have the advantage that they can be fitted again. In case the dentition or the teeth position be altered. However, the downside of the low budget devices is that they do not last for long. Because of the materials, they are made with. Consequently, boil and bite models take a lot of time to be put. Because they have to be boiled, put on the mouth, and thus time wastage.

However, for higher quality and longer lasting mouth guards, you will need the higher priced ones. You can consider acquiring dental splints, which are custom made by the dentist for you. You will find that you will visit your dentist to take the impression of your teeth. Your dentist will then give you a made-to-measure splint. The advantage of visiting your dentist for those is that you get a precise fit for you, and you will be comfortable. The demerit of them is that once your dental formula changes, you will have to replace the splint, and it might be expensive. Therefore, when choosing a mouth guard for you, consider your budget constraints and make your decision.


If you have gone into the market for mouth guards for snoring and sleep apnea, you would have realized that there are many products on the market. Choosing the best brand might have been a hard task, but having the criteria to guide you; it will be an easy task. You need to have the best fitting devices, so go for your size or visit your dentist so that you get the exact fit. The precise fit device ensures that you are comfortable and this is the same case with functioning. Some criteria affect others; for instance, the fit and the design affect the longevity and its adjustment capabilities. Therefore, it is advisable that you check all these criteria.

This will ensure that you get mouth guard devices which will solve your problem and in a comfortable way. Also, you will be solving the problem of poor product selection. You will not only have an affordable mouth guard but one that would also be one of the best brands. Either way, with the list given above, any of them would go a long way in guaranteeing your satisfaction.

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