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The Best Weighted Blankets


If you are a restless sleeper, you will have a clear understanding of the struggles to falling asleep and staying asleep the entire night. Most restless sleepers try out different tactics that promise to make them fall asleep and stay asleep for the entire night, without much success.

The choice of the blanket is something to consider when determining how easy it will be to fall asleep. People who have tried weighted blankets can attest that the type of blanket you choose will highly influence the likelihood of falling asleep as fast as possible.


As their name suggests, weighted blankets are heavy with small pellets filled inside them. The pellets are well distributed, so you do not experience any pressure when you sleep. The best thing about weighted blankets is that they assist in relieving one’s anxiety, which makes it easier to fall asleep because your mind is quiet. These blankets have a calming effect so that even people who have insomnia can experience some level of peace during bedtime.

Today, weighted blankets are known to give significant value to those who use them. With a weighted blanket, you would be able to stay warm and comfortable even during the coldest times of the year. The soothing nature of these types of blankets is what makes them worth buying. Regardless of the price you pay for a weighted blanket, they are worthwhile if you are able to get quality sleep.

If you have never considered the benefits of weighted blankets, everything that follows will help you get a better understanding of why countless people prefer these types of blankets to help them enjoy a peaceful night sleep.


The best thing about these types of blankets is that they have a history. Weighted blankets are not a “new” technology; they have existed for several years in the past and are still being used today mostly by people with special needs. It is a therapeutic product that not many people know about.

Besides, the weighted blankets being meant for certain groups of people based on their individual need leads to validation and larger use by others because there is proof that they work! More and more people are using weighted blankets today because it has come to the attention of most people that these blankets could effectively assist them in dealing with typical sleep issues as well as anxiety.

Children and quite a good number of adults would often require some little bit of help to relax and improve their sleep. Ideally, a weighted blanket is one of such products that help individuals achieve their desire of improving their sleep.

If you did not know, a weighted blanket could be a splendid gift idea for a friend or family member. It is believed that heavier blankets are more likely to hug a sleeper, thus helping to prevent one from turning or tossing during bedtime. Consequently, one would feel more secure and be able to sleep more soundly for a prolonged duration in any kind of situation. In as much as some people might think that the entire concept of weighted blankets may be new to them, the truth is that the weighted blankets have been in use for quite some time now.

Attention Deficit Hypersensitive Disorder (ADHD)

A good percentage of individuals have used the weighted blankets as a means of calming their children to sleep, more so those who suffered from autism, Attention Deficit Hypersensitive Disorder (ADHD) amongst numerous other sensory disorders that affected individuals, making it difficult for them to find some peace and quiet during bedtime. Newborns have also benefited by being swaddled in these types of blankets by their parents. Pets have also benefited from outfits designed in the same way that weighted blankets have been constructed all with the aim of preventing the animals from going bonkers, more so during times of fireworks and thunderstorms.


It is for a fact that individuals who experience sleep disorder would not wish to be on prescription medication for the rest of their lives. Therefore, if buying a weighted blanket would be the solution they have been longing for all their lives, then that is what they would go for despite the price at which it is sold on the market today.


The weighted blankets have several advantages over the sleep aids that physicians might prescribe for one. Unlike prescription medication that may take days for one to discover some of the benefits that it would have in one’s life, it would only take a single night for you to tell the advantages that the weighted blanket has for you as a consumer. Even if you are suffering from leg pains, perhaps because of staying on your feet all day for one reason or another, a carefully selected weighted blanket would go a long way in enabling you to enjoy a peaceful night sleep day after day.


With the weighted blanket, you would no longer have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night because you may be experiencing some degree of discomfort that would not allow you to carry on with your sleep. Its soothing effect would enable you to fall asleep almost immediately after you retire to bed. The only disadvantage that has been raised by consumers about these products is that the blankets are too bulky such that one would not be able to carry one along when traveling, and most hotels do not offer such blankets to their customers.

Single or Two Blankets?

Some consumers may raise the question of whether it would be advisable to use more than a single weighted blanket at a time. In such a case, it could be said that the decision on whether to use just a single blanket or more than one blanket at once would all be determined by an individual’s tastes and preferences. When it comes to the issue of using two blankets, it would not be advisable for anyone who sleeps on a hot mattress to do so, or someone who sweats a lot to do so unless it is a case whereby the person in question requires the two pieces because one may be too small to cover his or her entire body.

At the end of the day, what is important is the level of comfort that you would be able to derive from the use of these types of products. Refrain from buying a weighted blanket that would deter you from sleeping comfortably. Ideally, like any other product that you may shop for from the market, it is important that what you buy is within your budget. Don’t buy something that is extremely overpriced, yet there may be a cheaper option that would meet your every need. If you are not sure of what to buy, you could consult with friends and family members who have used some of these products at some points in their lives for insights concerning what would be best for you.

Criteria for Selecting Some of the Best Weighted Blanket


Weighted blankets are very effective tools because of their therapeutic value when dealing with a variety of health issues that one may be battling with. The touch therapy provided by these types of blankets would be of great help to individuals of all ages suffering from a range of ailments that may include sensory disorders, insomnia, depression, post-traumatic stress and numerous other defects one may need therapy to deal with. Nonetheless, it is never easy to arrive at the right weighted blanket given the countless options that are available on the market today. That is why it is important to understand the techniques that one could adapt to aid with the selection process.

However, the selection process does not have to be such a daunting task if you know what to look for in these types of merchandise. Before you go shopping for the weighted blankets, it is vital that you think about factors such as your particular needs as well as your body size. By taking such factors into consideration, it then becomes much easier for you to carry on with the task of fetching yourself the best type of weighted blanket that would better serve your needs.

Where to Buy

Just like any other product that you may need to buy from the market, finding the right type of weighted blanket for you would require some careful selection. When you head out shopping for this particular product, you should always remember that there is no such thing as the “must buy” option. Even with it being that there may be certain companies that have taken up a huge proportion of the market share because of their level of influence, as a consumer, you need to be open to suggestions. This is because there may be another company that provides even better quality designs that go in line with your particular needs.

The blankets can be found online, at department stores, mass merchandisers as well as bedding shops. In fact, some companies may be willing to produce custom made designs based on the request made by the consumer which works well for many consumers as it allows individuals to dictate the elements that they would love incorporated as part of the blanket to give them the level of satisfaction that they would wish for. Outlined below are some of the factors that you would be required to think about when purchasing weighted blankets.


The weighted blankets come in a variety of lengths, width, and thickness; that is why you need to choose these blankets based on your individual tastes and preferences. Ensure that what you buy should fully cover your body so that you would not end up with your body halfway under the blanket and halfway outside the blanket. Before you buy this blanket, you should keep in mind that you may get hot when under the blanket. Despite how cool your room may be, you may feel hot or warm depending on your body temperature. The elements that form part of the mattress you sleep on would also determine the degree of warmth that you would experience during your sleeping hours.

Mattresses made of latex and foam are considered hotter, and so a heavy blanket would aggravate the problem even further. If you are the type of consumer who sleeps warm; it is important that you make sure you go for the natural fiber cover or a bed cover. As that is able to wick away moisture when you sleep so that you can enjoy a peaceful night sleep.    


Regardless of what some consumers may have been made to believe about the most suitable blanket for them. Weight is a very important factor to think about when one goes out shopping for the weighted blankets. Most brands that you find being sold on the market today would have weights between 5 pounds to 25 pounds. For you to be able to adequately grasp the use of the weighted blankets; it is recommended that one buys one with a weight that is roughly 10 percent of their actual body weight.

Nevertheless, depending on what an individual prefers in a blanket. One may require the lighter version or in some cases, the heavier version. Consumers are advised not to use these types of blankets on their children aged below 3 years. And those with the weight that is below 50 pounds due to the risks of suffocation. If you have to buy these types of blankets for your child; then make sure that the design you buy has a weight that is less than 10% of the child’s weight.


People who have tried out the weighted blanket at one point in their lives could attest to the fact that these products do not come cheap. The only way that you would be able to acquire something quality when shopping for different kinds of products is if you are willing to spend. Otherwise, you would be forced to buy something that is within your budget even if what you buy does not meet your needs in the way that the expensive option that you forfeited would have. The good quality, larger size, and heavier blankets are more expensive.



When shopping for these items, always make sure that you buy something that you can easily wash. Your blanket would most definitely get dirty at some point, thus requiring you to do some cleaning. If you want an easy time cleaning your blanket, then you need to shop for one that is machine washable.

Return Policy

Before you acquire such an item, it is important that you see to it that the brand that you are about to buy has a workable return policy or an exchange policy in case of any manufacturing flaws. There are certain sellers that provide their consumers with a grace period of trying out their product, thus allowing the consumer to return the product if need be for an exchange with an alternate design or a refund if necessary. The return policy is one way through which companies assure their consumers that they believe in their products and that they offer nothing but the best. Therefore, you should make sure that you buy a weighted blanket with a return policy.



Weighted blankets are not for every consumer; some consumers may feel less comfortable when under the weighted blankets. Those who are claustrophobic would not be comfortable when using weighted blankets. Besides relying on the external sleep aids to have a comfortable moment during bedtime, watching what you eat and drink may help greatly in improving how well you sleep during bedtime. In line with this, one can come up with better sleeping habits that may include creating specific sleep times and wake-up times. Individuals need to make sure that they stick to the created routines at all times if they wish to witness better outcomes with every passing moment.

To an even greater significance, it is important that one stays away from different types of technological tools that interfere with their sleeping routine. It is advisable that you do not use your smartphones while under the blanket as this may interfere with your sleep routine in ways that you may not expect.


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