8 Best Sleep Standing Up Memes

Ah yes, to fall asleep standing up. For some, it may seem like an impossible dream. For others, the prospect of nodding off on their feet fills them with dread. But regardless of how you feel about the inopportune nap time phenomenon, we can agree on one thing: it’s kind of funny, right? As with all of life’s great tragedies—bad parking jobs, poorly-designed cakes, cats being terrorized by cucumbers, etc.–the citizens of the internet have done what they do best and made copy-pastable memes out falling asleep standing up. If you are feeling a little sleepy, why not put on a cup of coffee and enjoy our picks for the best 8 sleep standing up memes?


  1. Always-Vigilant-Always Vigilant 

Marines: they’re only human. Granted, they’re heroes with the most demanding jobs on the planet, but still. While movies, books, and video games depict our men and women in uniform would have you believe that they’re always at the ready to defend freedom, no amount of elite training can thwart Mr. Sandman for long.


  1. What Has Science Done?


Sky Mall has long been loved as the leading purveyors of things no one wants or otherwise finds useful. But this device, which looks like a cross between Dr. Octopus’ exo-suit and the neck brace Spider-Man will inevitably put him in, might take the cake. Ignore for a moment that even the model looks dreadfully uncomfortable and ask yourself this: where do you want to sleep where you can’t lay down that isn’t a dangerous place to catch some shut-eye?


  1. Always a Good Decision


Don’t dismiss his strategy yet. It’s quite brilliant when you piece it all together. After all, who could fall asleep after downing a Red Bull? 


  1. Sleeping in Motion


On second thought, Sky Mall might be onto something.

You probably don’t care about how you look once you’re asleep in the privacy of your bedroom, so why should that change when you’re surrounded by people? If you’re wondering how this can be comfortable, consider how noisy the scene must be and that she is out like a light.


  1. Say No More

Say-No-MoreGet it?


  1. Bragging Rights

Bragging-RightsBelieve it or not, some people actually want to sleep standing up, and only one of them is Dracula. These titans among men, whoever they are, have broken the shackles that bind us mere mortals to mattresses and box springs and sleep boldly on their own two feet.

They also look like stick figures, I guess.


  1. A Memo For HR

A-Memo-For-HROh, Office Space. Is there anything you won’t recommend? 

Is sleeping on your feet a cost-cutting measure? A means to boost office efficiency? An OSHA violation? Who cares, just listen to your boss.



  1. It’s All About Perspective


Life throws everyone a hurdle every now and then, and how we face them helps shape us as individuals. For example, you could say “I was knocked out and dropped like a sack of potatoes in the middle of the ring,” or you could change your perspective a bit: “I actually fell asleep moments before the punch landed, so technically I was already unconscious. Thus I never lost.” 

See how easy it is to put a positive spin on things?  


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